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Renewing the ATEX certification for our gas metering sensors!

To ensure that our metering sensors can be installed in complete safety in explosive atmospheres, we renew every year our ATEX certification for our gas metering sensors

Pulse Meter transmitter – ATEX Approved (Gas)

Our sensors allow the gas meters to which they are connected to be read automatically. The continuous monitoring of the gas meters makes it possible to manage consumption, detect any leaks and prevent excessive use. Find out more

Our ATEX sensors are Zone 0 certified, which means they can be installed in zones where there is a continuous risk of explosion.

What does ATEX certification mean?

The acronym stands for Explosive Atmosphere (in French).

It refers to a working environment in which there is a significant potential risk of an explosion, because of the presence of highly inflammable substances: Fuel, combustible materials, gases. etc.

The highest risk locations are the following: Chemical factories, refineries, service stations, gas meter compartments, etc.

ATEX zones are therefore classified depending on the risk of explosion, from the most hazardous to the least hazardous:

  • Zone 0: Continuous danger
  • Zone 1: Occasional danger
  • Zone 2: Rare and non-persisting danger

What it means for Enless Wireless

In order to obtain the ATEX certification, our products are first of all certified by an approved laboratory prior to being offered for sale. The UE inspection verification confirms that our products comply with all the critical health and safety requirements for the design and construction of products intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

Our production site (BMS Circuit in Bayonne) is also subject to annual audits to verify the production quality of our ATEX products and the compliance with the ATEX standard as defined by European Directive 2014/34/EU.

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