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CO2 monitoring at sites with high footfall (such as the Arcades shopping centre in France)

The Comfort Challenge

The French spend more than 80% of their time in enclosed public places.*

Public sites with high footfall such as shopping malls present major public health and comfort challenges. Once a certain concentration of people is reached, oxygen content starts to fall and CO2 ratios start to rise, with consequences such as headaches, shortness of breath, etc.

French and European legislation on Indoor Temperature and Air Quality Regulation in Publicly Accessible Establishments – in particular Decree 2012-14 of 5 January 2012 on the assessment of ventilation and pollution measurement methods used in monitoring indoor air quality of certain Publicly Accessible Establishments – require the introduction of systems to guarantee that the air breathed by users is safe.

This directly impacts shopping malls. France alone has seen over the past year a 0.9% increase in footfall** – to 50,000 visitors a day in the case of the Centre Commercial des Arcades, in Noisy-le-Grand, France (16 million visitors a year).

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Real-time CO2 monitoring and regulation, at the Arcades shopping centre (France).

Background of the project

The project to regulate the inflow of fresh air at the Arcades shopping centre in Noisy-le-Grand (France), was launched by Klepierre which manages the centre and is the leading specialist in European shopping malls, with a portfolio of 155 establishments.

The maintenance contract for the site was awarded to C4E, a Paris-based company specialising for over 40 years in designing central building management systems (BMS).***

C4E has worked for more than ten years – in conjunction with its electrician partner – on many renovation projects to replace central building management systems (BMS).

Its renovation projects include onsite hot water production systems (heat pump management), temperature and intruder alarm systems (site security), and fresh air regulation systems (ten Air Treatment Units at the site).

Introduction of a fresh air regulation system 

Since the start of 2019, C4E and Enless Wireless have worked together on this project to install 30 ambient temperature, humidity and CO2 transmitters, tasked with remotely reading – at close intervals (every ten minutes) – the CO2 ratio present at various places at the site.

The system, rolled out using Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz private radio, reads ppm data via Enless Wireless wireless transmitters that send the data to the Enless Wireless Modbus receiver connected to the shopping mall’s central system. The system at the site retrieves the information from the receiver in its Modbus table and regulates it accordingly. If CO2 concentrations rise, the regulator asks the site’s air handling units to bring more fresh air in from outside.

The CO2 readings are tracked in real time by a multistation monitoring software developed by C4E. The onsite operations team can also access the information in real time and monitor changes, enabling it to respond fast to instruct the robot.

Status and Outlook 

In the past, the only thing that was regulated at shopping malls was temperature, using HVAC systems. With the introduction of systems for the remote monitoring of CO2 emissions at various locations at the site, the Arcades shopping centre now meets the applicable Air Quality Standards. The manager of the centre says he is happy with how the systems are working.

Aliréza BARARI, CEO of C4E says: “We are happy with the Enless Wireless products; they have a long range and their onsite systems work perfectly. Our contact with the Enless team is good.”

More Enless Wireless transmitters are scheduled to be installed at the site soon, to complete equipping the site and cover all the zones to be monitored. C4E also says other similar projects to equip shopping malls are in the pipeline.

*** Learn more about C4E:

A climate-control and HVAC systems automation expert, C4E has been working for nearly 40 years in designing and monitoring centralised Building Management Systems (BMS). C4E installs (and programs and commissions) all types of industrial service automation systems, as a certified installer for Schneider, Trend, WIT, Siemens, Lacroix Sofrel, and others…

For more information go to the C4E website.

* Source: Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition 

** Source: French national institute of statutory auditors (Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes)

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