Datapole and Enless collaborate in the supervision of computer room temperatures of a huge audit and consulting firm

For some players such as the giants of transactions, taxation, law, cybersecurity worldwide, the guarantee of security and proper operation of the computer equipment and server rooms, constitutes a strategic challenge since directly linked to their business activities.

The necessity, therefore, to supervise the temperature in real-time in the computer rooms of their sites in La Defense in Paris, constitutes a priority for them.

One of them wanted to undertake a process to secure its data centers and computer rooms. In the past, these data integrated into the BMS (Building Management System), were not directly accessible and optimised for the internal maintenance teams and IT.

The project, implemented jointly with the Datapole company, experts in management and qualitative analysis of Big data for nearly ten years now, consisted therefore, in installing a temperature supervision system in 5 server rooms and mixing bay spaces (technical cabinets which centralise computer and telephone networks). The goal targeted by the system was the detection of abnormal behaviours such as sudden or abnormal temperature rises.

As of August 2019, 24 Enless Wireless Sigfox High Power ambient temperature transmitters have thus been deployed on hot and cold points in each room identified upstream by on-site technical teams. The High-Power versions of the Enless Wireless temperature transmitters provide up to 15 years of battery-life due to the D type integrated batteries.

Commissioning of the products was performed jointly by Datapole and the customer teams on site. Frédéric Gagnaire, CEO of Datapole comments: “The installation went very well.  The commissioning was very quick and on-site, we benefited from a good quality network and very good ranges. “

By means of a parametrisation of the data transmission frequency of the Enless Wireless transmitters, performed every 15 minutes, the °C temperature data are regularly relayed to the Sigfox cloud, then decoded and analysed via the Datapole PrediSmart platform.

PrediSmart, solution developed three years ago by the Datapole Data Scientist teams, allows data to be interpreted accurately according to a precise configuration matched to the specificities of each environment monitored (programming of relevant critical thresholds).

Setting of alarm thresholds via the Datapole Predismart platform
Visualization of temperature variations of the monitored site – via the Datapole Predismart platform
Viewing an alert event via the Datapole Predismart platform

The detection of abnormal behaviour is then flagged by the occurrence of relevant, limited alerts. These alarms which can be viewed on the platform, are also transmitted by e-mail and by SMS to the different contact persons involved in the maintenance and monitoring of the site.

The customer computer service and the CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) are thus recipients and in case of detection of an event, can conduct doubt removal inspections to ensure that the air conditioning is within the set-points and if need be, can control the BMS (air conditioners at the entrance and exit which ensure the air-flow).

In this way, PrediSmart represents a Facility Management tool allowing building operating costs to be optimised.

The establishment of a global solution, operational since August, has already allowed a critical event to be flagged which could be handled in time thanks to the real-time automation.

From now on, the audit group considers equipping other sites with the system.

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