Energy efficiency for industry

Energy management in an industry is a key criterion for its evolution. Whoever talks about industry directly involves notions of the use and production of gas, steam and many others. How can you improve the energy efficiency of your industry? For more information, read this article.

What is the energy efficiency of an industry?

The energy efficiency of an industry is a data that measures the efficiency of a machine to produce a service. In fact, it is a factor that makes it possible to judge two machines, the one that is the most economical in terms of energy consumption.

This concept can also be extended to other components of the company such as construction.

Why improving the energy efficiency of your industry ?

An industry that uses its energy efficiently is likely to significantly increase its yields. Technical installations that consume less energy allow you to plan a smaller financial budget for this sector. 

The savings will give you the opportunity to invest in another area of the company to maximize your returns. Thanks to this, you will always be able to satisfy your customers and thus increase your turnover.

How to improve the energy efficiency of an industry?

To improve the energy efficiency of your industry, you can use these few techniques outlined below.

The implementation of an energy management team

It is very important to set up a unit that can monitor the amount of energy you consume. It will have to fulfil two main tasks.

  • Conduct an energy audit

It will start by carrying out a thorough study of your premises and functional equipment. In this way, it will ensure that no problem escapes its attention. If during this procedure it notices a structural or technical malfunction, it will have to repair it. This check also includes all your work equipment, including your ventilation systems.

  • Ensure regular maintenance of your equipment

The maintenance and control of your equipment is a very important operation. While your machines are running, they also wear out. Regular maintenance will allow you to minimize the amount of energy they consume and improve your energy efficiency.

Planning the use of your equipment

Planning the use of your manufacturing machines is crucial. Blast furnaces that are used in an industry consume a lot of energy. If they all work at the same time, your energy losses will be greater. 

Even though you produce, you will still be wasting important energy units that will unfortunately harm you.

The optimization of your air compressors

Regardless of the nature of an industry, it should preferably be very airy. This is even more necessary if the industrial facilities are located close to the administrative offices. 

To ensure this, you have the difficult task of optimizing the presence of your air compressors. By increasing their performance, you will allow air to circulate optimally within your premises. This will allow your employees to work in peace of mind.

Improving the efficiency of your lighting

Lighting is a significant part of the industry’s energy consumption. This represents a little more than 1/3 of your energy needs. 

This is logical given the many lighting energy needs of an industry. Between the lighting lamps in the administration building and the large luminaires used at night, the lighting consumes a lot of energy. It is therefore important, if not essential, to improve the efficiency of your lighting. 

The use of energy-saving lamps and optimal lighting programming are the main keys to this, among many others.

Optimizing the energy efficiency of your industrial buildings

Your industrial buildings must be very well constructed. Indeed, when building them, you must ensure that the team in charge takes into account the fact that they will be used for production purposes. 

For example, the energy efficiency of such buildings will allow you to install fewer air conditioners or compressors in your industry. This would require the use of the right materials.

Recovery of waste or fatal heat

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your industry, you should also be able to recover the heat that comes out of it. When your equipment is in operation, it generates a high amount of heat. 

To be energy efficient, you will need to install systems that will allow you to reuse it. For example, you can use it as a source of heating for cold areas of your company. There is always a clever, ingenious and profitable way to use heat.

The use of renewable energies

Imagine for a moment how much you will gain by using renewable energy sources? These inexhaustible, they will help you to increase your productivity. 

By using this type of energy, you will minimize your dependence on other sources of production. This will give you the opportunity to significantly improve your energy efficiency.

That said, you now realize how necessary it is to use energy efficiently in a company. More than just a new concept, energy efficiency is a new imperative for industries that want to be competitive.

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