LACROIX Sofrel – Enless Wireless : a turnkey monitoring solution

LACROIX Sofrel a subsidiary of the industrial LACROIX Group recognised as the French leader in teleprocessing, has been a key player for more than 40 years in many areas including water distribution, sanitation, heating systems, electricity and air conditioning.

For the past two years, LACROIX Sofrel has been offering the Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz Enless Wireless product range, well known for its radio performance (very long range and low consumption). The 169 MHz devices supplement the LACROIX remote terminal units offer, and enable LACROIX to provide its customers with a complete solution for, among other applications, teleregulation and boiler / heat network energy management.

Keen to facilitate the implementation of this complete solution for its customers, LACROIX Sofrel has developed a library decoding the frames emitted by Enless devices, allowing communication in transparent mode (no more Modbus table) for its two flagship products (Sofrel S500TH and Sofrel S4W, launched at the end of 2018).

Since the beginning of this partnership more than 4,000 Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz Enless Wireless transmitters and receivers have already been put into circulation, which has made the operating and the continuous control of data from many facilities in France possible.

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