Enless steps up its large exports activities working with Sigfox operator Al Mouja Telecom on two monitoring projects

Air Conditioning monitoring  &  Diesel Generators working time monitoring

From the beginning of the year 2019, Enless has been working closely with the Sigfox operator Al Mouja Telecom Services in Iraq which is in charge of all IoT activities in Iraq and thus contributes to the technological development of the country.  In this direction, Almouja Telecom’s role is to provide Ultra Narrowband IoT smart solutions for Smart Cities, public space management, public services, environment and infrastructure management.

Its activities also includes the delivery of Internet Service (ISP – Internet Service Provider) to the citizen in order to improve their daily lives and connect them to the world as well as the supply, maintenance and sell of  VSAT services and equipment. 

The two projects involved were carried out for an historical organization which has grown to become recognized worldwide for quality gasoline, chemicals, transport fuels and alternative sources of energy biofuels and wind. 

Air Conditioning monitoring

The aim of the first monitoring project conducted by Al Mouja Telecom for its client was to implement comfort monitoring solutions in its offices and buildings in order to follow in real time the evolution of temperature inside the rooms. Indeed, the internal Human Resources policy of the company generalized to all employees imposed a maximum setting of 24°C for air conditioning.

Several Enless Wireless Sigfox temperature transmitters were thus installed in order to ensure that temperatures would not go below 24°C.

In the other side and to keep the environment healthy for its employees in a country in which outdoor temperatures often reach 45°C or 50°C, the company needed to keep balance between in and out and ensure a good quality of its air conditioning services. Thus, the installations’ purpose was also to monitor significant temperature increases in order to make sure people could work in proper conditions. In case of failure on an air conditioning unit, an alert will be sent from the Enless transmitter in charge of getting the temperature data to the visualization system (dashboard) thanks to the Sigfox communication network.

The experimental phase has already revealed substantial gains in power consumption as well as on human maintenance costs. Before the implementation of remote monitoring, the company had to periodically send seven maintenance employees in charge of checking every single air conditioning unit to ensure the good functioning of the whole system.

Further developments are considered by Al Mouja Telecom’s client, expecting to reach over 3 000 additional Enless Wireless sensors.

Monitoring of Diesel Generators Working Times

The second project carried out focused on the need to monitor the operating periods of the two diesel generators installed in the client’s field.

In the past, the generators’ tables containing the details of working hours per generator were filled manually every day and night by the employees which was very cumbersome.

To solve this issue, contact transmitters from Enless Wireless, functioning with digital input  were connected to both diesel generators in order to monitor their status (ON – OFF).

The data sent from the Enless transmitters to the visualization Dashboard enable the maintenance teams to follow the diesel generators’ working times remotely. From now and thanks to the remote monitoring solution implemented, they can compare operating period between the two machines and take actions accordingly. 

« Since the implementation of the solution, the human maintenance costs have been significantly reduced », explains Ahmed Al Khudri, director of Sales and Marketing at Al Mouja Telecom, before adding “as a Sigfox operator, Al Mouja Telecom deals with many IoT sensors providers and to be honest, Enless Wireless is our best partner since it provides very good quality devices in all aspects  (products types and shapes, rigour in sending messages, delicacy, management proficiency…).  We are happy to work with Enless and are looking to do more deals with them on particular projects. »

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