Ambient Temperature and Humidity transmitter

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✅ Suitable for indoor use
✅ Compact Design
✅ Easy to deploy
✅ Freestanding or wall mounted
✅ Replaceable battery
✅ Up to 10 years autonomy
✅ Advanced Features : Alarms and Remote Configuration

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Reference of the Ambient Temperature and Humidity transmitter




Applications of the transmitter


Specifically designed for indoor applications in an ambient environment, the Enless Wireless Sigfox humidity and temperature transmitter allows you to monitor occupant comfort levels, thanks to its integrated sensors of temperature and humidity (data °C – %rH ) and save energy by monitoring HVAC systems – Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning – in situ. Its onboard temperature and humidity sensors transmit their data to the Sigfox cloud. 

Our Sigfox ambient temperature and humidity transmitter (IP40) is suitable for many applications and sectors :

  • Housing (social housing, etc.)
  • Public access buildings such as public educational buildings (schools, colleges, high schools, higher education establishments, training centres, etc. ), cultural – sometimes for the preservation of goods and works – (museums, castles, sports complexes, libraries, showrooms, city halls, etc.) ) and sanitation (health facilities, hospitals, retirement homes…)
  • Tertiary sector (including storage/preservation applications, computer centre and server room management, etc.)

Totally discreet, our Sigfox sensor can be fixed to a wall but also positioned on a surface. The frequency of sending information (periodicity) is configurable.



Technical Specifications


DimensionsL 80 x H 80 x W 23 mm
Enclosure and IP ratingABS IP 40
Power supplyReplaceable AA 3.6 V Lithium battery - Low battery alert
Battery autonomy / Periodicity5 years battery life with 180 mn periodicity / Configurable periodicity
Configuration / InstallationRadio via downlink - from Sigfox Backend or APIs
Temperature sensor accuracy+/- 0,2°C
Humidity sensor resolution+/- 2% rH
Advanced featuresAlarms and remote configuration


All Enless Wireless Sigfox products incorporate an advanced configuration mode that allows you to optimise their battery performance and facilitate their use:

> You can set high and low alarm thresholds for your transmitter and have your transmitter wake up frequently and take a measurement. If the threshold is exceeded, your transmitter can send an alert frame immediately without waiting for its next shipment.
> You can remotely change your transmitter configuration from the Sigfox Backend without manual intervention or the need to restart the transmitter to take its new configuration.



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