Sigfox Smart metering sensor - Zone RC4

Enless Wireless, with an expertise developed through its 12 years as a leading manufacturer of wireless sensors, can offer a Sigfox pulse meter sensor for monitoring and optimising energy use (remote reading of water and electricity meters). By installing Enless wireless sensor, you can collect real-time data from your meters. This means you can manage your consumptiondetect leaks or prevent excessive consumption.

Find out more about our Sigfox pulse meter sensor – Zone RC4

  • Pulse Meter transmitter
      • 118 x 79 x 43mm
      • 2 pulse inputs
      • Compatible with pulse meters
      • Dry-contact interface
      • 50ms min / 10Hz max
      • Battery life: 6 years for 60mn periodicity
      • Data sent to the Sigfox cloud
      Reference: TX PULSE SIGFOX 300-019