Sigfox Temperature sensor - Zone RC1

Enless Wireless, with an expertise developed through its 12 years as a leading manufacturer of wireless sensors, can offer a Sigfox sensor for monitoring temperatures for applications in external or hardened environments. Using an external contact probe, our temperature sensor can be connected to domestic hot water (DHW) systems in buildings, cold rooms, in tanks or under the ground for agricultural applications.

Quick and easy to install, our made-in-France Sigfox temperature sensor use hardened IP65 casing to withstand outdoor environments and are fitted with ultra-long-life batterie.

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  • Temperature transmitter – External contact probe
      • 118 x 79 x 43mm
      • External 1.5m contact probe
      • Temperature range : -70 / +120°C
      • Suitable for harsh environments (IP65)
      • Battery life: 5 years for 20mn periodicity
      • Data sent to the Sigfox cloud
      Reference: TX TEMP CONT SIGFOX HP 100-000