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Product News: 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs Actuator Transmitter

In addition to the TX Modbus master, Enless is proud to announce the release of a 2-inputs / 4-outputs LoRa actuator sensor from July 2023!

This new transmitter, called TX IO, will allow remote control of relays, thanks to its 4 controllable outputs.

This new product TX IO will offer Enless integrators different control options.
It can be used in three distinct modes that can be selected from the server embedded in the TX IO.

3 different control options:

  1. Remote control
    The TX IO transmitter sends the status of its inputs to the receiver, and controls its outputs based on commands from the receiver. In this mode, the commands are managed by the BMS.
  2. Local control
    The TX IO controls its outputs based on input values.
    It is up to the integrator to configure the logic that the TX IO will follow for control.
    In this mode, the TX IO will be able to dialogue with a receiver in order to send reporting messages describing the control actions that have taken place.
  3. D2D (Device to Device)
    The TX IO transmitter communicates with up to 4 Enless LoRa sensors and controls its outputs based on alarm thresholds configured on sensors.

All technical information for the TX IO 600-040 are available HERE.

Our sales team is at your disposal to answer your questions about the TX IO, please do not hesitate to contact us: