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We offer a range of Sigfox products designed for use in Zone 1. Our Sigfox IoT sensors are ideal for applications requiring short transmission periodicity. The battery lifecycle of our Sigfox intelligent sensors is optimal, ensuring reliable and efficient performance for all your IoT needs.

Comfort & indoor air quality sensors

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Smart metering sensors

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Reference : TX PULSE ATEX SIGFOX HP 100-010

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  • Dimensions: L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
  • Pulse type: 50 ms minimum pulse width - Max 10 Hz
  • Inputs: 2 pulse inputs
  • Certifications: CE & ATEX : II 1G Ex ia IIC T3 Ga (Zone 0)
  • Battery autonomy / Periodicity: 5 years battery life with 20mn periodicity / Configurable periodicity
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Replacement Batteries

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