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Comfort & Air Quality

Temperature / Humidity

Enless offers a wide range of ambient radio sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity.

Enless ambient sensors allow you to ensure the comfort level of building occupants while reducing energy consumption. Indeed, Enless temperature and humidity sensors enable compliance with set temperatures and the detection of temperature or humidity threshold exceedances. When coupled with a control system or a reheat optimizer, our wireless comfort sensors provide the necessary information for the effective control of equipment.

Enless temperature and humidity sensors are available on LoRaWAN, Wireless M-Bus, and Sigfox protocols.


CO2 content is a key indicator of the quality of the air inhaled by a building’s users. This is extremely important data with direct impact on the day-to-day comfort of people in enclosed spaces.

Carbon dioxide is more commonly referred to as CO2. Measuring CO2 means measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide, which cannot be smelled or tasted, is mainly created by human respiration and various types of pollution. CO2  content is measured as a percentage of the volume of air or as “ppm” (parts per million). So, 1,000 ppm is equal to 0.1% carbon dioxide in the air.

The quality of the air breathed can have a direct impact of people’s behaviour. Moreover, poor air quality can trigger conditions (fatigue, sleepiness, etc.) that are potentially detrimental to the operations of the company.

Enless Wireless produces ambient sensors for each technology that can measure simultaneously the CO2 levels, temperature and humidity. This gives you the reassurance of real-time monitoring of the quality of your environment.


Enless Wireless has also integrated, within its LoRa(WAN) product range, a radio sensor that can measure the level of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The VOC sensor produced by Enless Wireless makes it possible to measure 22 volatile organic compounds, generally emitted by building materials, plastic based products and gases emitted during cooking and cleaning.

The VOC level indication works in tandem with CO2 measurements to optimise air quality.


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