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About the LoRa(WAN) Protocol

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide-Area Network. LoRaWAN is a radio protocol based on LoRa technology, enabling the transmission of data at low rates and low power consumption. The advantage of the LoRaWAN protocol is to allow connected objects to send data over long radio distances while consuming the least amount of energy possible.

In other words, a LoRaWAN sensor can send data over very long radio distances, with excellent battery autonomy levels. Enless offers a complete range of LoRa(WAN) sensors specially designed for Building Management Systems applications. Enless LoRaWAN sensors offer several possibilities for BMS integrators (see below for the various possible usage modes).

How does it work?

LoRa proprietary mode

In Enless LoRa proprietary mode

LoRaWAN private mode

In private LoRaWAN mode

LoRaWAN public mode

In public LoRaWAN mode

LoRaWAN Integrations

Easily send data from Enless LoRa sensors to your Building Management System (BMS) using Enless proprietary LoRa mode

Our proprietary LoRa receivers natively decode data from our LoRa sensors, saving you valuable integration time if you want to process data on an automation system.

Available in Modbus or BACnet version, the receivers will convert data from Enless sensors into Modbus tables or BACnet objects.


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