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Temperature monitoring

Enless sensors are designed to meet a range of applications related to temperature measurement in industrial or challenging environments.

Below are examples of use cases covered by Enless sensors.

Temperature monitoring in industrial environments

Enless offers rugged temperature sensors suitable for industrial environments. These radio sensors, with an IP65 protection rating, are adaptable to difficult environmental conditions (high humidity, dust, etc.).

Enless offers a range of rugged sensors for temperature measurement in warehouses, boiler rooms, technical rooms, etc.

Temperature monitoring of DHW circuits

Enless offers single or double contact probe sensors specifically designed for temperature measurement on domestic hot water loops (DHW).

Once installed in contact with the piping, the remote temperature probes accurately determine the temperature of the hot water.

The measurement of temperature in DHW circuits contributes to the prevention of Legionella risks.

Temperature monitoring of cold rooms

Enless sensors with remote temperature probes can also be used to measure negative temperatures inside cold rooms. In fact, the remote temperature probes can withstand temperatures ranging from -180 to +250°C. These probes can be inserted inside the cold room to ensure the measurement of negative temperatures.

These sensors for measuring negative temperatures allow the detection of abnormal temperature increases and the implementation of appropriate actions if necessary.

Temperature & Humidity monitoring inside ventilation ducts

Monitoring temperature and humidity levels inside ventilation ducts can be ensured using rugged temperature and humidity sensors equipped with remote probes.

The probes enable the monitoring of the proper functioning of HVAC installations within the building.

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