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Smart metering

Automated meter reading is an automated process of collecting consumption data, typically used for water, gas, and electricity meters. Rather than deploying personnel in the field to manually read the meters, a remote meter reading system can use radio sensors to gather data remotely. This enables real-time monitoring and proactive management of energy consumption.

Using radio sensors for meter reading

Automation and Time Savings
Radio sensors eliminate the need for manually reading meters, reducing labor costs and enabling utility providers to allocate their resources more efficiently. Additionally, data is collected in real-time, allowing for immediate responsiveness in case of issues or consumption spikes.

Accuracy and Reliability
Radio sensors provide precise and reliable data on energy consumption, eliminating human errors often associated with manual meter reading. This enables more accurate billing and better resource management.

Reduction of Operational Costs
By eliminating the need to deploy personnel in the field for meter reading, radio sensors reduce operational costs for utility providers. Additionally, early detection of leaks or counting issues can help prevent water and energy losses, resulting in additional savings.

Ease of Management
Radio sensor-based meter reading systems are typically easy to install and manage. The collected data is often automatically transmitted to centralized management systems, allowing utility providers and businesses to monitor and analyze their energy consumption with ease.

Enless’s sensor offering for meter reading

Enless offers a wide range of sensors dedicated to meter reading. Various applications are covered by Enless meter reading sensors, including:

  • Meter reading for pulse water, electricity, or gas meters
  • Meter reading for electricity meters by counting LED flashes on the meter
  • Meter reading for Modbus energy meters

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