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Industrial applications

Enless markets a wide range of sensors with industrial design, suitable for various BMS applications.

Below are examples of use cases covered by Enless industrial sensors.

Reading or Writing on Modbus Slave Registers

Enless offers radio transmitters capable of reading from or writing to Modbus slave registers. These could include, for example, energy meters, air handling units or rooftops…

Enless Modbus master transmitters enable you to establish a radio Modbus bridge between your slave device and the BMS.

Detection of State Changes and Relay Control

Detecting state changes on inputs, as well as remotely controlling relays via radio without the need for wiring, are among the requirements of any BMS integrator (e.g., valves, air heaters…).

Enless offers sensors enabling the detection of state changes (ON/OFF) as well as relay control based on radio commands

Leak Detection

Rapid leak detection is essential for managing water consumption and preventing damage to buildings. The amount of water lost can accumulate significantly over time, resulting in significant financial impact. In the case of major leaks, the damage and water costs can be substantial.

Enless offers a leak detection sensor in its LoRa range

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