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Designed for meter reading in Europe, the Wireless Mbus protocol is an adaptation of the wired Mbus standard. This protocol is widely used in the energy sector for Machine to Machine (M2M) data transmissions. The Wireless Mbus protocol is particularly known for the quality of its radio coverage, the easy association between other technologies and the simplicity of deployment and installation of the equipment.

On the product range developped by Enless Wireless on the Wireless Mbus protocol, the communication is made from point to point. The Wireless Mbus protocol allows to build your private network. The transmitters periodically send data frames that are received by a Modbus receiver generally connected to a PLC or a gateway. The Modbus receiver stocks the transmitters’ data frames in its table, then the PLC reads the values that are stocked in the Modbus Table. Free choice is given regarding the way to process data.

Enless Wireless proposes a complete product range on the Wireless Mbus protocol. This product range works with 169MHz frequency band. This radio frequency is licensed-free and its use is harmonized to the entire European Union.

169MHz Wireless Mbus technology is energy consumption efficient. The battery life of the transmitters can exceed 15 years.

Wireless M-Bus range

This product range is adapted to very large buildings monitoring applications (industrial sites, schools…)

  • Point to point local mode
  • Transmission: transmitters to Modbus receiver
  • 2,5 kilometres in an open field
  • Between 125 and 500mW output power


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