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Bintz Technics and Enless reinforce their collaboration in the Belgian Market

Integration of the new range of Enless LoRa(WAN) radio transmitters into the Bintz catalogue and formalising of the distribution partnership

For several years now, the Belgian distributor Bintz Technics and the French IoT manufacturer Enless Wireless have carried on a close collaboration on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets for industry and the building trade.

At the end of 2020, the two partners have reinforced their collaboration by signing an official Belgian market distribution partnership for the Sigfox, and Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz and LoRa(WAN) ranges of radio transmitters from Enless Wireless, dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings and in industry.

Bintz Technics is also the official distributor in Belgium of Ewon gateways that perfectly interface with Wireless M-Bus 169MHz and LoRa private systems from Enless Wireless.

The new range of LoRa(WAN) radio systems from Enless has enriched the catalogue of IoT solutions referenced by Bintz Technics and provides an appropriate answer for the market needs in terms of monitoring of energy performance of buildings and the industry sector.

It is now available in the Bintz Technics e-catalogue : 

Projects are currently in progress in the Belgian market concerning the Enless Wireless LoRaWAN range of products amongst which, the equipping of several automotive plants as of the beginning of 2021.

Who is Bintz Technics?

The main business of Bintz Technics is the distribution of high-quality components and systems intended for automation in industry in the Belgian and Luxembourg markets. Through its close collaboration with local or foreign suppliers, Bintz Technics has developed a clientèle of engineers, industrial integrators, final customers and government institutions. In addition to the marketing of its systems in the catalogue, Bintz Technics also offers assistance for the integration of the equipment supplied or during its commissioning.

For more information check out the Bintz Technics website:

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