Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a fundamental component of corporate energy and environmental policies.

Faced with the urgency of climate change, our best hope of significantly reducing emissions is to use energy more efficiently. Estimates suggest energy efficiency improvements could deliver half the cuts in emissions needed to slow global warming over the next 25 years, but by using energy more efficiently these precious resources will last even longer and will also save money.

Enless Wireless offers a wide range of low power / long range radio products to enable energy monitoring applications in buildings. With expertise in technologies such as Wireless M-Bus and Sigfox, Enless offers the potential to cover a wide range of energy efficiency needs.

Among the covered applications, we offer transmitters for monitoring temperature, humidity and air quality. We also guarantee meter reading and continuous data feedback without any manual intervention. In addition, Enless is also active in energy efficiency applications for industrial environments with devices specially designed for complex environments.

Our clients reported an average minimum of 20% to 30% of savings in their energy consumption in 2018.

Further information on energy efficiency

What exacly is energy efficiency ?

The ever increasing cost of energy and environmental costraints mean that energy efficiency is a key issue for industrial actors.

If a head on definition is required, energy efficiency is the relationship between the useful energy produced by a system and the total energy used up to make it work.The more efficient a system, the less energy it consumes.Today we tend to use the term in a wider sense to indicate all the technologies that engender energy economy.

Professional energy efficiency

Professionals are more concerned with energy efficiency for they have buildings that are far bigger than those of the man in the street, huge buildings and warehouses that cover several thousand square kilometers.

Cost-cutting is consequenly far more important for them, SD (sustainable development) with an ecological slant is on the increase in France and abroad.

Energy efficiency in private households

In France energy efficiency has become a major priority through what we call energy transition which is paramount to cutting down energy bills boosting the purchasing power of householders and providing a cleaner. Healthier consumption as well as being a lever for corporate innovation. A drop in greenhouse gas emissions and air polluants above all in the buildings of corporate groups are the two main criteria that France is counting on to produce cleaner energy.

The European directive 2012/27/ UE on energy efficiency has set down a common framework of measures to produce cleaner energy. The aim is a 20% increase in energy efficiency by 2020.

The various kinds of energy efficiency

There exist several ways of significally cutting back on energy costs whether it be as a professional or private individual.

– By improving one’s isolation system in order to maximise consumption while conserving the heat produced. Monitoring temperature and humidity thanks to efficient radio solutions is an essential step.

– By improving the energy system. This is a broader focus on improvement to generate heat, water and energy more efficiently. Monitoring energy consumption thanks to radio pulse transmitters is an essential first step.

– By studying the technology of heating used — Gas, Electricity…

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