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Industrial applications

Radio based data transmission applications are vital within the industrial sector (construction, water management, rail, etc.).

Enless Wireless produces standalone transmitters for connecting analogue 4-20 mA (LoRa range) and 0-5 V (Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz range) type sensors. A contact sensor (digital transmitter with an On or Off interface and a status change alarm) is also available for use with a wide variety of applications: management of security door and gate position and machine fault alert systems, etc.

We also produce an extensive range of so-called “hardened” temperature transmitters for your industrial applications.

> See details of our hardened environment temperature monitoring applications.

Enless Wireless will soon be supplementing its industrial solutions range with a DI/DO actuator for remote control of contacts and relays (LoRa range).

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What is an industrial application ?

Industrial applications are any type of use that can be made for a technology, product or service.

For an invention, an object or product to have an industrial character, it must be of a technical nature and be used or manufactured by an industry, including agriculture.

This is a very broad concept that can be applied to very many fields: the mass production of goods, nuclear technologies, industry in general, etc.

The term “industrial application” is used in combination with various areas of expertise: electricity, automation, IT, etc., with the aim of producing systems that facilitate the production and quality control of products.

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The various areas of Industrial Applications

A list of the various areas of industrial applications would include the following:

  • Production assistance (assembly line, sub-assembly tooling, etc.). Example: Nuclear technologies.
  • Quality Control (industrial insight, electrical testing, tooling, sensors, etc.). Example: Mass production of products or machines.
  • Mistake proofing devices (publishing/barcode scanners, production tracking, etc.) Example: Mass production of products or machines.
  • Production tracking (databases, barcodes, report generation, etc.). Examples: Computer services.
  • Embedded systems (data acquisition modules, microcontrollers, etc.). Example: Nuclear sector companies.
  • Delivery (electricity, mechanical, automation).
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