Industrial applications

Applications with radio data transmission are already operating in various sectors (such as construction, water management, rail etc.)

Enless Wireless offers standalone transmitters for connecting analogue probes of 4-20mA / 0-5V and 0-10V type. A digital transmitter with an all-or-nothing interface and alarm indicating a change of state is also available to serve diverse applications such as door access management, alert for machine defaults etc.

We also provide a wide range of “rugged” temperature transmitters specifically for industrial applications.


> Access to the detailed temperature monitoring applications in rugged environments.


The 169MHz frequency band product range is ideally suited for industrial site monitoring applications where radio coverage requires several kilometres.

Further information on industrial applications

What is an industrial application ? It covers all types of applications that can stem from a technology or service. It is a wide notion that covers many fields :

– Nuclear technology

– Large scale manufacturing

– Industry in general

These terms are used today to define the activities in various fields of competence-electricity, automatism , IT, etc. and aim to provide different means of assistance in the production and quality control of products.

The range of Industrial Applications

The various fields of industrial application in France are as follows :

Production monitoring (on the assembly line, with tools for sub assemblies and firms involved in nuclear technology

Quality control (industrial vision), electrical tests, various tools sensors. Example : manufacturing of products or machines on a wide scale.

Foolproof devices reading of barcodes, production monitoring. Example : manufacturing of products or machines on a wide scale.

Production monitoring : data bases, barcodes, issuing of reports Example : service and IT.

Embedded systems : data acquisition modules, microcontrollers. Example : in nuclear related industries.

Realisation electricity, mechanics, automation…

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