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Smart metering

Energy costs are a significant part of company operating budgets. A reduction in energy costs has an immediate impact both on the financial balance sheet and the environment.

Experience has shown that this expenditure item can very often be reduced without impacting the quality of service provisions and requires only minimal investment. Significant savings can often be made regardless of the size of the company or business sector.

Enless Wireless produces for each of the technologies (LoRa(WAN), Wireless M-Bus and Sigfox) a range of smart metering sensors to help optimise energy consumption (remote water meter reading, gas meter reading [Atex certified products], electricity, and Modbus for energy meters).

By collecting the data from the meters, our transmitters allow you to continuously monitor your consumption. This means you can manage your consumption, detect leaks and avoid excessive consumption.

Customer feedback tells us that average minimum energy savings of between 20% and 30% can be achieved.

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What does smart metering consist in ?

Remote meter reading devices are used, as their name suggests, for reading the consumption data from the water, electricity and gas meters to which they are connected, with the aim of using resources in a more intelligent and controlled manner. The technologies used to perform the automated and remote reading of meter data produce more reliable, accurate and flexible results than reading the data manually.

A number of towns and cities in France and abroad are implementing these systems as part of their “smart cities” initiatives, i.e., cities that are increasing their control over energy production and use, which have a direct positive effect on the inhabitants’ lifestyle. At the level of a building, many operators in the sector are also installing these systems, with real economic and ecological impacts.

Whilst smart metering is often used with reference specifically to water meters, this technology can also be applied to other utilities such as electricity and gas.

smart metering

What is the current status of smart metering in France and Europe?

In terms of water, electricity and gas consumption, increasingly intelligent remote reading techniques are quickly being rolled out. The meter itself can include a system that can automatically transmit its data over a telecoms network; these are known as smart meters. On sites that do not have smart, connected meters, the installation of Enless remote reading transmitters provide an excellent solution, that can be easily and inexpensively installed.

The communication process can take place in wireless, radio mode. The data are transmitted using an approved radio communication protocol held on a server. The devices producing the readings are often battery powered, as is the case with the Enless solutions. The meter is always at the core of the data reading.

Smart metering