Smart metering

Energy consumption is becoming an important part of the operating budget of companies and the increase in energy prices makes this expenditure more and more strategic. A reduction in energy expenditure has an immediate effect on the financial balance sheet of any company but also contributes to the overall objectives of responsible corporate citizenship and climate preservation.

This cost can usually be reduced with small changes, achieving a quick return on investment (ROI). By ensuring good monitoring of consumption and optimisation of energy flows, savings can be significant regardless of the size of the company or its sector of activity.

Our clients report an average minimum of 20% to 30% of savings in their energy consumption in 2018.

Enless Wireless has gained significant experience over many years working in providing telemetry data resulting in its development of innovative technologies and solutions.

We offer a range of remote transmitters for the optimisation of energy consumption (remote meter reading of water, gas [ certified Atex devices ], electricity and Modbus for energy meters) on both Wireless M-Bus and Sigfox technology platforms.

In providing the information collected by your meters, our transmitters allow continuous monitoring of your energy consumption. This data enables you to control your usage, detect leaks or prevent wastage.

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