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Temperature monitoring

A number of sectors (building, industry, agriculture, etc.) include temperature monitoring as part of the operational processes.

In addition to its range of indoor ambient temperature sensors and for each technology (LoRaWAN, Wireless M-Bus and Sigfox), Enless Wireless produces a range of “hardened” (IP65) sensors that are capable of monitoring temperatures for a number of applications such as:

  • Monitoring temperatures in outdoor environments
  • Monitoring temperatures at the input / outlet of domestic hot water circuits (DHW) for monitoring legionella (contact probes)
  • Monitoring temperatures in cold rooms (contact probes)
  • Monitoring temperature & humidity for agricultural applications (external T°C and %RH probe)
  • Monitoring temperatures in tanks (immersion probe)

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Temperature monitoring in buildings and industry

As energy efficiency is directly linked with monitoring and regulating temperature and HVAC systems, it is a critical factor for the owners of buildings.

This means that temperature monitoring has a role in many different sectors:

Large tertiary sector buildings, offices, warehouses and industrial sites that generate large amounts of cold or heat.

The pharmaceutical industry and hospitals for the comfort of users / patients as well as the storage and proper processing of medicines. Regulating humidity levels is also very important in these cases.

Sensitive goods and products in the broader sense are often easily perishable. Foodstuffs for example, in particular in cold room environments.