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Enless saves a New Year’s eve dinner!

There are areas where monitoring the temperature and the humidity contained in the air is an absolute necessity. This is the case within the French island “Île de la Réunion” since temperatures can rise to more than 35°C (95°F) all year round.

Enless Wireless solutions are now implemented in this French island through the Sigfox operator IO Connect, responsible for the network coverage around the Indian Ocean.

Since the end of 2018, the partnership between Enless Wireless and IO Connect enabled the equipment of many organisations such as Leclerc brand’s food stores, Crédit Agricole Réunion brand’s banking agencies, … but also institutions with a social dimension such as “Les Lataniers”, an organisation providing accommodation facilities for dependent elderly, and part of the “Father Favron Foundation”, which today constitutes the largest association in the island. With its 12 sites and more than 2000 employees, the foundation helps the poor, the elderly and the disabled in many ways, including providing meal support.

Originally, the project led by the Father Favron Foundation for its organisation “Les Lataniers” was to monitor the temperature in its kitchens and particularly its six refrigerated rooms. Several Enless temperature transmitters with external contact probe were installed and connected to the platform developed by the operator IO Connect itself, in order to deliver a simple reading and alert system, transmitting rapid and automated information in the event of a temperature rise. Historically, temperature readings were carried out manually, which was a significant constraint for the workers and resulted in a lower degree of safety due to the only two readings per day, during working days.

IO Connect visualisation platform

“We are very pleased with the facilities. The setting up has been fast and efficient; moreover, sensors are discreet and well integrated”, explained our contact at the Father Favron Foundation.

His satisfaction was confirmed when on December 31, 2018, he received an unusual temperature rise alert in the refrigerated rooms, due to the automatic safety request of one of the electrical systems. Thanks to the performance and reliability of the Enless sensors, as well as the rapid and automated reporting of information, the Foundation was able to transfer the 1500 meals prepared for New Year’s Eve, and as a result, the New Year began with a promising start!

IO Connect now intends to apply the solution to the other organisations of the Foundation.

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