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1100 Enless sensors deployed by Cyrisea across over 100 colleges in Val de Marne

Since 2021, Enless is proud to collaborate with Cyrisea, a BMS integrator for the digital, energy, and environmental transition of buildings.

Between 2021 and 2022, the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council (94), accompanied by Cyrisea, equipped 104 colleges and gymnasiums in their portfolio with Enless Wireless sensors to ensure user comfort.


The goal was to guarantee user comfort.


This project was divided into 2 installation phases:

Phase 1 – 2021
27 establishments were equipped with 297 Enless LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensors, which is an average of 11 sensors per college.

Phase 2 – 2022
77 colleges were equipped with an additional 880 Enless Wireless LoRaWAN sensors. These sensors were deployed at the beginning of the heating period, at the end of September.

Every 15 minutes, the sensors transmit their data to the Orange Business operator cloud via radio. Subsequently, the data is integrated into the OSE (Energy Monitoring Tool) platform, deployed by Cyrisea, and used by the technical teams.

Finally, the analysis and regular monitoring of the collected data allow for the adjustment of HVAC equipment and the maintenance of good comfort conditions for the users.

« The Enless Wireless LoRaWAN sensors were easy to install and deploy in these 104 colleges. It’s a real plus. Today, everything is working correctly » explains Richard BERUTTO, Tech Lead Project Manager at Cyrisea.


Following the first deployment phase, a significant improvement in user comfort conditions was observed by the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council.