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Monitoring energy consumption at the Royal Mougins Golf Resort (France)

The Royal Mougins Golf and Hotel complex in the Alpes Maritime department (France), has been concerned with controlling energy consumption so as to reduce costs, and sowished to install an automated monitoring system for its energy performance.

The golf resort was faced with high energy bills because of its business activities, especially concerning water consumption.

The quality of the greens necessary for playing golf means that you have to have special sprinkling and irrigation conditions.  Moreover, the Senate french website (appendices on the quality of water and water treatment in France), indicates that “the volume of water used for irrigating top-of-the-line golf courses varies between 300 and 300,000 m3/ha, the average being 13,000 m3/ha. “*

The project was entrusted to Engie Cofely[FR], the energy transition leader in France.                                      

The goal for the complex was to put in place, a regular, automated reading of its water, gas and electricity consumptions so as to deliver a twofold analysis: daily and monthly.

1st phase of the project: installation of Enless Wireless transmitters for the remote reading of the meters

Since April, 2 Enless Wireless Pulse meter transmitters for gas meters (ATEX) and 10 Enless Wireless Pulse transmitters including 5 on water meters and 5 on electricity meters, have been installed to cover the whole site.

These transmitters are connected directly to each computer present in the complex and communicate as per the Sigfox radio operations protocol. They send their data to the Sigfox cloud, following a pre-configured periodicity.

The installed Enless Wireless transmitters have very efficient D type batteries with a long battery-life of up to 15 years.

2nd phase of the project: data relaying and establishment of the surveillance via the Kheiron Service platform of IoThink

The raw data gathered on the Sigfox Backend are then decoded and displayed via the Kheiron Service platform from IoThink, an intuitive interface allowing a fleet of equipment to be analysed and controlled, making the most of the data collected.

Each data item relayed via the platform, shows its precise location on the site (localisation). Critical measurement thresholds have also been predefined depending on consumption goals as well as incident detection thresholds (leaks, etc.) for the purpose of guaranteeing the generation of alarms in real-time in case of an event (overconsumption, water leak, etc.).

The generation of daily and monthly reports is also included in the system in place.

It is the technical director within the hotel and sports site who monitors the (saved) energy consumption information and the meters.

In the past, a wired system was in place but did not allow the meters to be accurately monitored. The customer was not able to have an overall view of their consumptions and their bills.

Examples of views and interpretation of electricity and water consumption data within the Royal Mougins – Golf and Hotel complex Kheiron Platform from IoThink.

Results obtained?

Following establishment of the installations, the hotel complex conducts an accurate follow-up of its energy consumption and hopes to achieve savings on its energy bills. Installing the Enless Wireless radio transmitters did not require any on-site visit or maintenance and the operational system is controlled autonomously by the technical director of the facility.

* Source:[FR]

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