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Indoor air quality and Covid-19: Strong demand for Enless sensors in Europe

Monitoring air quality is undoubtedly one of the major challenges facing public and private sector organisations, and especially so in the current Covid-19 health crisis.

The indoor air we breathe contains pollutants and can cause infectious particles to build up and transmit within confined, unventilated indoor spaces. The official French Government website states that the cost of poor indoor air quality for the country is estimated at 19 billion euros. The extent of these health and economic consequences mean that indoor air quality needs to be very carefully measured to prevent or at least reduce any undesirable effects in terms of human health.

With its market position as a provider of IoT solutions, Enless Wireless offers sensors that are specifically designed for monitoring indoor air quality and delivering reliable remote data on temperature, hygrometry, volatile organic compounds, and carbon dioxide (ppm – ppb – °C – %rH data) for each of its technologies, such as Wireless M-Bus, Sigfox and LoRa(WAN).

“We are seeing strong demand in Europe, and in particular in Spain where monitoring of indoor air quality is seen as being a critical factor! The projects we are working on here are mainly in the hospital, public services and shopping centre sectors involving the installation and operation of one of our leading products, the LoRa(WAN) Ambient CO2, VOC, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter.

“The current situation, in the context of this unprecedented health crisis, is driving this strong demand and it is a matter of great pride that we can play our part in effective actions aimed at verifying indoor air quality and the day-to-day comfort of workers and visitors within enclosed spaces.” – Laurent Lasserre, Enless Wireless Sales Engineer.

It is only a few months ago that Enless Wireless launched its new comprehensive and innovative LoRa(WAN) product range providing solutions to meet the requirements of this market. A further feature of our LoRa(WAN) sensors is the use of powerful C and D type batteries giving Enless Wireless products a very long battery life (up to 15 years).

Enless Wireless LoRa(WAN) product range

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