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Indoor Air Quality : the Enless sensors are now integrated to the PANDO 2 supervision system





The French software publisher Pando 2 specialised in air pollution issues has recently decided to incorporate the LoRa(WAN) transmitters from Enless Wireless into its catalogue of referenced IoT solutions.


The data frames of the sensors of the Enless LoRa(WAN) range are now decoded within the supervision system belonging to Pando 2.


 » Very functional and with high autonomy, the Enless Wireless air quality sensors are an additional alternative for our customers and complement the ranges of sensors compatible with our platform. We have the desire to move more towards the management of the building, this partnership with Enless reflects this desire” , recounts Jean-Gabriel Winkler, Manager and co-founder of Pando 2.


“Pando 2’s surveillance and air quality platform offers a complete, qualitative analysis of the indoor air quality parameters. Pando 2 therefore is a very interesting and complementary partner for our LoRaWAN, CO2, VOC, temperature and relative humidity radio transmitters.  We also like the design and the marketing of their interface”, Enless Wireless marketing manager Caroline Javelle tells us.



Enless LoRaWAN air quality measurement sensors measure CO2, VOC, temperature and relative humidity data reliably and remotely according to a predefined frequency. Incorporating powerful C and D type batteries, they provide several years of battery life.



The monitoring solution developed by Pando 2 provides:

  • Interoperability in terms of the technologies and devices/connected systems used (7 manufacturers of IoT systems are currently referenced and integrated within the platform)
  • Tailor-made supervision by configuring its interface according to user needs
  • Automatic occupant exposure tracking reports and new analysis tools including a real-time room contagious index





Several projects are upcoming that involve the incorporation of Enless Wireless IAQ devices amongst which the equipping of 7 day-care centres and a childminder relay in the Gard region (France), as of the month of January 2021 and the equipping of several government establishments in Toulouse (France).






Air quality monitoring is without question, one of the major issues raised these last years and to which government and private organisations have had to face up to, particularly in 2020, due to the unprecedented health crisis.

What has become crucial in particular in public buildings, is the measurement of data in real time such as the levels of CO2, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds, temperature, etc. so as to guarantee the correct adjustment of ventilation, aeration and heating systems at any time, so as to provide comfort and safety for users.

Bad air circulation (poor renewal/treatment) can favour the diffusion of particles, microbes, and viruses like COVID-19 of course but also leads to the saturation of carbon dioxide levels which can be a source of headaches, dizziness, fatigue for occupants.

These important health issues have been framed for several years now by European and national regulations amongst which, in France, the obligation for public buildings to use indoor air monitoring systems.

We should not forget that the French spend more than 80% of their time indoors, with not always optimum air inflows and many potential sources of pollution: combustion equipment, building products, decorative materials (paint, glues, varnishes, etc.), furniture, human activity (smoking, cleaning products, do-it-yourself work, cooking, etc.)*

*According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition (




Who is Pando 2 ?

Pando 2 is a young company specialized in air quality management, which offers the first IoT/ Big Data platform 100% dedicated to the monitoring of Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality. Pando2’s mission is to inform and raise awareness of this issue, to contribute to reducing the exposure of populations and more broadly to participate in the energy transition.

Already available in 4 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish), the platform developed by Pando 2, 100% interoperable and configurable, allows the generation of alerts, recommendations in real time and reports tracking the exposure of its users. It also offers advanced features such as the generation of public pages searchable via QR codes to inform the greatest number.

For more information, visit the Pando 2 website :




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