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Monitoring HVAC systems in social housing : Installation of 950 Enless Wireless sensors

Enless Wireless and PGC, an expert in climatic engineering, have been working together on a project to install monitoring solutions for HVAC Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning systems in a number of social housing properties in Seine-Saint-Denis, France.

This project, linked to Energy Saving Certificates (Certificats d’Economies d’Energie) covers a total of 4 social housing lots owned by SEINE SAINT-DENIS HABITAT.

The operating contract for 3 of the lots (1, 2 and 4) was awarded to REOLIAN MULTITEC in 2020. The landlord wanted to monitor a range of data including ambient temperatures, the heating start point, failures, etc.

A solution has been developed by ENERLIS based on the installation of optimizers with the capacity to respond to needs.

This involves a total of 950 Enless Wireless Ambient Temperature and Humidity transmitters installed inside the properties and using a communication mode operating on the Sigfox network.

“The Sigfox operated network means we can overcome the specific constraints of each site and install ‘plug and play’ systems. This is a real plus. The data readings are reliable and we have not experienced any failures in the transmissions”, reports Clément Pedrot, Systems Engineer at PGC.

The project has 3 successive deployment phases, as shown in the timeline below:

The data collected and transmitted by the Enless Wireless Temperature and Humidity transmitters are managed using the PGC Data data management platform delivered by PGC.

The substations / boilers on each of the sites are fitted with Sofrel telemetry solutions, which use 4G to communicate directly with the BMS in each building: PCVue supervisor which regulates the operation of the HVAC equipment control command system.

The alarm thresholds are configured for the ambient temperatures to enable the operator to precisely adjust and optimise its control over its energy consumption.

Data historization also allows users to check that the defined ambient temperatures have been maintained in the properties.

Examples of displays for the substations using the PCVue supervisor (+ geolocation of the sites):

Examples of displays for the Enless Wireless temperature and humidity sensors using the PGC Data data management platform:

The first Enless Wireless Pulse ATEX transmitters designed for the remote reading of the gas meters in the buildings have also been installed. Others are in the pipeline.

As part of the project, a customised housing was created by PCG to make the management of each substation as easy as possible.

Clément Pedrot, a Design Engineer at PGC, reports: “I have been working with Enless equipment and a range of technologies for almost 3 years now: Sigfox, Wireless M-Bus. etc. Enless Wireless sensors are extremely dependable. Their systems communicate flawlessly. I have never experienced any problems with Enless Wireless transmitters even during extremely complex projects”.

How has the project performed so far?

“The project, which has been gradually rolled out in successive phase in a number of lot sections, is now almost fully installed. The costs will very quickly be recouped given today’s energy prices”, says Clément Pedrot, a Design Engineer at PGC.

The benefits for the client will be seen in terms of increased reactivity as it will now have the capacity to act very quickly if any of the thresholds are breached or in the event of equipment failure, in particular the HVAC systems. The information is available immediately and the advanced nature of the systems and equipment is a source of great satisfaction.

Following this joint project with Enless Wireless, PGC is in the process of creating a 100% CLOUD architecture for controlling installations. This should make it possible to offer smaller structures (lessors / copro / health facilities / schools …) the possibility of setting up a comprehensive energy management tool (temperature monitoring / energy consumption / …), standardised (« plug and play » solution deployable regardless of the parameters of the boiler room), durable and easily transferable to third-party technical teams.

About PGC – Process Génie Climatique  

PGC, a French company that has specialised in energy optimization since 2005, delivers turnkey HVAC system automation and control solutions (hardware and software solutions).

Organised around a grouping of companies with a total of some thirty staff, PGC reported annual earnings in the electricity and BMS automation sectors of nearly 3 million euros.

Located in Val d’Oise near Cergy in France, half of PGC’s projects are in the tertiary sector and half in the industrial sector. Most of PGC’s work is on sites in the Paris region and in Normandy.

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