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Monitoring Indoor Air Quality using LoRa sensors at the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony in Chile


11th March 2022 was an historic day for Chile as its newly elected President was inaugurated. A ceremony carried out with an intense monitoring both in terms of civil security and health safety thanks to the comprehensive management of the risks arising from the pandemic.

The Chilean Government called on NexClima, a Chilean integrator specializing in energy efficiency projects, for the automated measurement and monitoring of air quality in the Honor Hall in the National Congress of Chile, Valparaiso, where the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony was held as Gabriel Boric was sworn in as the President of the Republic. Enless Wireless and IndoorClima supplied the hardware and software solutions.


The solution

In partnership with IndoorClima, a Spanish integrator and the supplier of the SG AirQ data visualization platform, 12 Enless Wireless LoRa CO2, temperature and humidity wireless sensors were installed at strategic points within the Hall, in front of the Presidential and Senatorial receiving line, as well as on the first floor, and in the galleries, in the east, west and central zones of the Congress.

The system was designed to guarantee precise control of CO2 levels in the air at every instant throughout the ceremony and thus to eliminate the dangers of saturation and contagion by the SARS COVID 19 virus.

Thanks to this system almost 500 guests were able to safely attend this historic moment for Chile and the inauguration of its new President.


The installation process itself was extremely simple, as explained by Haris Khattak, from IndoorClima: “first of all we had to audit the site to calculate the number of Enless Wireless devices required (CO2 transmitters and Modbus receivers). We then had to identify any potential interferences inside the building to make sure that the data could be reliably, and consistently, supplied by the transmitters to the Modbus receiver. Finally, the NexClima technical teams then carried out the straightforward configuration of the devices and positioned them in the identified strategic positions, optimizing the minimum natural air flow.”

Enless Wireless Modbus receiver connected to the building’s IP network

“The Enless Wireless devices worked perfectly, without any problem, with very reliable data, which gives us the total peace of mind of excellence in the quality of the air quality monitoring service that we are providing, especially in a civic act of great historical and democratic importance for our country”, says Walterio Osorio, CEO of NexClima.

“Enless Wireless devices are easy to configure, with excellent performances, compared to other LoRa solutions on the market!”, says Haris Khattak, of IndoorClima.


The various CO2 levels detected by the Enless Wireless sensors were then transmitted in LoRa private radio mode to the Enless Wireless Modbus receiver and, thanks to the SG AirQ platform supplied by IndoorClima, read in real-time as the official ceremony was taking place.

Architecture in LoRa proprietary mode


With any significant rise in CO2 values, the ventilation was increased in order to guarantee the maintenance of an ideal air quality and thus reduce any health and safety risks.


Examples of data visualization using SG AirQ:



And for the long-term?

The equipment installed at strategic points throughout the National Congress of Chile has enabled an improved utilization of the HVAC systems thanks to the application of the temperature, humidity and CO2 level data supplied by the Enless Wireless LoRa sensors.

This has made it possible to guarantee constant optimum levels of ventilation whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption by at least 15%, the target set by IndoorClima.

IndoorClima plans to continue the growing use of Enless Wireless devices in the retail, hotel, educational, catering sectors and in other buildings.

NexClima has also installed Enless air quality sensors in a number of locations including the Hôtel Plaza El Bosque located in eastern Santiago, and is engaged in a groundbreaking project for the monitoring of air quality at the Rebeca Matte school, in the Renca district of Santiago.



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