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They tested our LoRa(WAN) sensors !

Discover a preview of their feedback

RG2I – Olivier BENAS

“We have had the chance to perform a preview test of the new range of Enless Wireless LoRa sensors. Our tests of range, performed in an urban outdoor environment in Saint-Etienne (France), have shown excellent performances with communication established up to 2kms. We also liked the simplicity of commissioning the equipment which makes the solution very technically accessible.”

Tests performed on private LoRa mode – communication with an Enless Wireless Modbus receiver

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“Like their SIGFOX devices, Enless Wireless sensors operating in LoRaWAN mode, are very simple to use and very” User-Friendly”. The test frame activation button is perfect as are the LEDs to allow you to understand what is happening. These are very good features! The configuration of the MODBUS receiver with its sensors is also very well explained and easy to do. As for the internet interface, it seems uncluttered and very clear.”

O-CELLCharles-Edouard Ruault

“As a supplier of a supervision platform intended for municipalities, we integrate our system into interior air quality (IAQ) monitoring in public buildings. It is within this framework that we are interested in the Enless Wireless specialised sensor, which has the advantage of being multi-function – (T, Humidity, CO2, VOC) and therefore able to collect all the required indicators. During our tests, Enless with its expertise, responded to all our questions concerning the complex problem of monitoring VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This sensor has been integrated during the spring and has successfully passed our QOS tests. Thanks to Enless Wireless, we can from now on, offer our customers a reliable IAQ solution, conforming to the regulations.”

Tests performed in LoRaWAN mode

DSET ENERGY Guillermo Rebollo

“We have tested the high technology, compact design, Enless Wireless LoRa(WAN) devices.  Our tests have shown very satisfactory results, both indoors and outdoors. The impressive ranges have allowed us to address different indoor floors of the same building (very good deep-indoor coverage) as well as the outdoors.” 

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