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HVAC monitoring: Fitting out 104 educational establishments with CYRISEA

1,200 Enless Temperature Hygrometry sensors installed, using the LoRaWAN network

The project

The Val-de-Marne Conseil Départemental (France) wanted to use temperature and hygrometry monitoring to guarantee the comfort of the users of the 104 educational establishments for which it is responsible.

This project comes within the scope of the SIPPEREC contract, syndicat mixte ouvert (joint public sector venture), which “acts on behalf of municipal authorities in order to facilitate public sector action in the energy and digital fields, delivering cost efficiency, guaranteed quality and innovative capacity”.

Starting in 2021, Enless Wireless has been working together with Cyrisea, a specialist in the engineering and integration of intelligent digital systems, to install systems to control the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in these public educational buildings.

Role of Cyrisea

In 2021, in the first phase of the project, 297 Enless Wireless LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensors were installed in 27 educational establishments (at the rate of 11 sensors each).

In 2022, a further 880 Enless Wireless LoRaWAN sensors were installed. The deployment of these sensors was carried out before the end of September (when the heating is turned on) in 77 educational establishments.


The architecture used

The Enless Wireless LoRaWAN temperature and hygrometry sensors installed in each of the buildings (in 11 locations) send their data by radio to the Orange Business operator cloud every 15 minutes.

The data are then integrated for the OSE platform (Energy Management Tool) developed by CYRISEA and made available to the technical teams.

The real-time monitoring and analysis of the collected data makes it possible to:

  • Regulate the HVAC equipment
  • Maintain the optimum comfort conditions for the users.

“The Enless Wireless LoRaWAN sensors were easy to install and deploy across the 104 establishments. This was a real advantage. Everything is now working perfectly”

says Richard BERUTTO, Tech Lead Project Manager at CYRISEA.

At the end of the first deployment phase, the Val-de-Marne Conseil Départemental (France) was able to report a significant improvement in user comfort.

Examples of data visualization on the OSE platform


The digital helping deliver the energy and environmental transition for buildings and regions.

CYRISEA provides engineering and integration services for intelligent digital management systems linked with the energy and environmental efficiency of buildings.

A subsidiary of ALTYN, the company has more than 30 experts in Intelligent Energy Management Systems working with companies specialising in the installation and commissioning of these systems, divided between 2 agencies: in Carquefou, near Nantes (44) (HQ and agency) and Paris.

CYRISEA and Enless Wireless have been working in partnership for almost 5 years.

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