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Monitoring CO2, temperature and relative humidity to ensure a healthy work environment in South Africa – with Momentum Wellness

What context?

The Law no. 85 of 1993 on health and safety at work updated several times, provides employers and employees with general guidelines that are required in the work-place for protecting employees against risks and professional hazards that can cause physical or psychological damage. This law aims at ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.

Momentum Wellness is a South African Department of Employment and Labour approved inspection authority and an inspection organisation accredited by ISO/SANAS, which by means of specialised knowledge and equipment, supplies a complete range of surveys and recommendations on workplace health.

Momentum Wellness is responsible for other missions to perform in the “Air Quality” sector – surveys of ventilation and indoor air quality for the purpose of assessing the IAQ in its client’s workplaces, with respect to regulatory requirements in force. It then makes recommendations concerning possible corrective measures to take within the companies. These measures can concern the servicing of ventilation systems, the latter being used in workplaces for controlling temperature, replenishing oxygen or eliminating humidity, odours, heat, dusts, bacteria in suspension in the air and carbon dioxide in order to offer a safe, health working environment.

Momentum Wellness is also concerned by worker safety with respect to the use of specific installations and machines.

A pilot project in favour of remote, real-time monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

Momentum Wellness is currently leading a pilot phase project that aims at accurate, remote determination of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in “office” type environments, in real-time.

It is quite natural therefore that Momentum Wellness has decided to turn to IoT, wishing to put in place a turn-key, stand-alone, wireless solution.  Several dozens of Temperature, Humidity and CO2 transmitters have therefore, been installed in the company premises, operating in Sigfox radio mode.

A data display and analysis user interface that will facilitate client access to the data coming from Enless Wireless sensors has been installed by Momentum Wellness crews.

“The installation was very easy and we did not encounter any problems. The Enless equipment is reliable and efficient!” Kobus Louw from the Momentum Wellness has told us.

Eventually, Momentum Wellness intends marketing this IoT remote monitoring system to its clients. This will allow bi-annual air quality questionnaires of limited reliability, currently performed in companies, to be dispensed with.

Once the system has been tested and validated, Momentum Wellness will want to increase the number of parameters monitored by, for example, adding data on VOCs and thus, helping its clients to protect the health of their employees using a reliable and easily deployable method.

“First and foremost, we target our client’s oldest buildings that do not have smart HVAC systems. We wish to offer the most accurate results to our clients, who in the past have performed tests by means of, “spot surveys” that are of limited reliability. From now on, we can offer them data measured in real-time and remotely, for the best results” Momentum Wellness’ Kobus Louw explains.

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