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Enless announces a new partnership in Turkey with TESLA KONTROL!


Enless keeps intensifying its export activities in Europe and outside in countries supporting radio frequency bands 868MHz, especially in Turkey where a new distribution agreement was just signed with a new partner : TESLA KONTROL.

TESLA KONTROL has been integrating since March 2022 the Enless Wireless range of LoRa(WAN) sensors and LoRa receivers in its online product catalogue. 

Among the main application needs for the building and industrial automation are options from temperature and humidity to many physical and chemical parameters’ monitoring. 

TESLA KONTROL is a recognized key player in Turkey -in place since 2009- in the fields of « Industrial » and « Environmental Technologies ». Its main activities focus on the selling of measurement and monitoring hardware and software solutions.

As a part of their marketing efforts to promote the Enless Wireless devices on the Turkish market, TESLA KONTROL decided to renewed its web site to offer value-added content and clear data for its system integrators customers. Marketing has big priority at Tesla Kontrol and They uses all which is needed for that.

“We are confident that TESLA KONTROL is the right partner to address Turkish system integrators, looking for efficient standalone wireless LoRa(WAN) sensors, quickly implementable. The strong expertise of their teams allow TESLA KONTROL to provide a quality support to its customers at any time.” says Victor Petit, key account sales engineer at Enless Wireless.


“Our company is picky in respect of wireless communication technologies. Trust in wireless communication is so important. After considerable research and testing devices, we knew we had found the strong company we had been looking for. Of course, beyond the devices and technology, the team at Enless Wireless are very kind and positive. Thanks to the Enless team, we have full faith in the relationship between Tesla Kontrol and Enless Wireless,” says Osman Sirmali, Managing Director of Tesla Kontrol.” Says Osman Sirmali, Managing Director of Tesla Kontrol


To access the whole Enless Wireless range of LoRa and LoRaWAN devices for Turkish market and get in touch with TESLA KONTROL, please go to >> <<.



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