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Residential, tertiary, social housing : CIEC and Enless enhance occupant comfort

CIEC (fr), a subsidiary of ENGIE Group, with 60 years’ expertise of installing, operating and maintaining HVAC systems primarily in the Paris Region (France), has added Enless Wireless monitoring solutions to its range of services since 2015.

This fruitful collaboration is part of a Data Plan. It enables CIEC to monitor energy consumption and indoor air quality in buildings occupied by its tenants, local authorities and other public entities.

CIEC also intervenes as an integrator and operator for the Greater Paris Regional Council, Paris Habitat, Toit et Joie, La Poste Group, Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain (CPCU), the CROUS network, the public housing agency Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris (RIVP), ICF Habitat la Sablière (housing subsidiary of SNCF Group), and les Collèges des Hauts-de-Seine schools association.

The energy efficiency contracts set up by CIEC at those entities are designed to achieve energy savings, especially for heating. The monitoring solutions incorporate a set of Enless Wireless temperature and humidity transmitters that communicate over a Sigfox network to a dedicated Cloud that stores the transmitted data and makes it available for visualisation and data analysis systems driven by CIEC Action platform developed by CIEC (see diagram below).

Example of visualisation of ambient temperature data via CIEC Action platform

By monitoring ambient temperature data, CIEC ensures that contractual temperature ranges are adhered to. CIEC has deployed nearly 570 Enless Wireless ambient transmitters since 2017.

In addition to these installations, some 15 Enless transmitters with contact probes have been installed in domestic heating and hot water systems in various establishments. A few units of these transmitters have also been hooked up specifically for cooling and chilling systems at foodservice establishments such as canteens.

Some 50 Pulse transmitters for pulse meters have also been installed, some of which are Atex-certified, for natural-gas readings.

With what results?

« Installations with continuous monitoring of ambient environmental temperature have reduced our staff travel costs by 10%, by allowing them to see the heat data remotely and eliminating pointless visits, » says Batien Payssonerie, CIEC Systems Engineer, adding that « on average, every 1°C reduction reduces our customers’ energy bill by 7%. »

Manual readings have also been halved thanks to the installation of Enless Wireless Pulse meters connected to the CIEC Action platform.

To learn more about the Enless Wireless Sigfox range of products, go to .

* About CIEC:

CIEC, a subsidiary of Engie Group, offers customers who are facing stressful economic and environmental challenges sustainable technical solutions that include Solar, Geothermal, Heat Pump, Biomass and Biogas technology – as well as tailored contractual frameworks. With 60 years’ expertise in this sector, CIEC is proud of having 450 satisfied customers including local authorities, landlords, and other public and private entities. It reported €65 million revenue in 2018, thanks to 220 employees mainly in the Paris Region (France).

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