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Towards sustainable development – our CSR commitment




“The development strategy of our company and CSR are intimately linked at Enless Wireless, a gauge of confidence for our teams and our customers.” 

This month, Enless publishes its 2020 CSR report. You can download our guide at the link below to find out more about our commitments to our Customers, Partners and Employees.

> Enless Wireless CSR Report 2020 <


 » Energy transition is at the heart of our business. For 10 years, Enless Wireless has been developing wireless transmitters dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. 150,000 of our sensors have been installed across Europe and our goal is to optimise the resources consumed, reduce the environmental impact and improve the working conditions of the occupants of buildings equipped with our solutions.
Our energy transition activities rely on strong, local roots which promote the use of regional skills and local employment.
In line with customer expectations and to meet new societal challenges, we are working hard to digitalise our processes, promote and enable teleworking and provide ongoing training for our employees.
We want to ensure that diversity and solidarity are part of the Enless culture and, to that end, our stocks and shipments are entrusted to an employment rehabilitation establishment that employs 100% disabled workers. « 
Bruno Petit, CEO Enless Wireless


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