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Enless wins the RenoWatt energy renovation project for public buildings in southern Belgium

The end of May offers a strong outlook for Enless Wireless in Wallonia. This manufacturer of low-power ultra long range wireless sensors has been officially adopted by the Walloon Government as exclusive supplier of wireless energy-efficiency monitoring solutions for buildings as part of the RenoWatt mission (fr).

RenoWatt, a voluntary assistance programme for Walloon local authorities, is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of public buildings in Walloon communes that wish to take advantage of it, by implementing Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) that include renovation work at the sites involved.

Five contracts were signed in 2017 with 12 public authorities, representing the biggest set of EPCs ever signed in Belgium. Between 125 and 220 buildings are currently being studied, including some 50 schools, a dozen sport complexes, a hospital, libraries, entertainment theatres, city halls, and others…

Via these five EPCs, the RenoWatt mission aims to achieve 34% energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions by 7,500 tonnes.

Starting in June, Enless Wireless will supply monitoring solutions dedicated to enhancing the comfort of the occupants of the various sites. A significant number of ambient temperature and humidity transmitters will be deployed in several waves. The transmitters will communicate over the Sigfox protocol. A first batch of about 100 Enless Wireless sensors has already been engaged.

The local Sigfox operator, Engie M2M, will be in charge of supplying the associated connectivity. This project will boost the relationship between Enless and Engie M2M, who have already previously worked together on joint projects in Belgium.

The data will be transmitted to the data visualisation and analysis platform developed by NRB, a major player in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector in Wallonia.

NRB Group has over 2,000 employees and is composed of companies that specialise in ICT services. NRB focuses on sectors such as public and social, energy and public utilities, financial services and industry. NRB offers a wide range of services in four main areas : Consultancy, Software, Infrastructure & Cloud, and Managed Staffing. As an IoT specialist, NRB has already deployed different types of connected devices on other projects.

To learn more about the RenoWatt mission:

RenoWatt is aligned with the recommendations of the Walloon 2030 Air-Climate-Energy plan which aims to cut CO2 emissions by 40% (relative to 1990) and to increase renewable energies to 32% of the total energy used.

The RenoWatt project, which was in pilot stage between 2014 and 2017, has already won several distinctions including the European award for « Best Energy Service Project 2017 », and the global « AEE’s Western Europe Region Institutional Energy Management Award 2018 ».

The following diagram shows the Walloon communes involved in the mission:

Municipalities - RenoWatt

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