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Receivers & repeater

LoRa Enless receivers have been developed to receive data from LoRa Enless sensors and quickly make them available to a PLC. Available in Modbus (RTU or IP) and BACnet (MSTP or IP) versions, Enless receivers allow any integrator to easily make data from LoRa Enless sensors available to a BMS. Data frames from Enless sensors are natively integrated and decoded by Modbus and BACnet Enless receivers.

The LoRa signal repeater allows the radio to be amplified between the Enless transmitters and the receiver.

The products below can only be used in proprietary LoRa mode.
What are the differences between LoRaWAN and proprietary LoRa?

  • Use: Converting data from Enless LoRa sensors into Modbus table
  • Interfaces: Modbus TCP/IP & RS232/RS485 RTU (configuration via the receiver's server)
  • Radio protocol: Enless proprietary LoRa (not compatible with LoRaWAN mode)
  • Dimensions: L 118 x H 79 x D 43 mm
  • Power supply: Main 7.5 up to 24 VDC or external 12 VDC power supply
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