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Enless and I/O Concept protect the cultural heritage of Maine-et-Loire in France



Temperature monitoring and hygrometry for conserving the art works of both the Angers museum of Fine Arts and the Château de Saumur in France

In Maine-et-Loire (France), Enless and Input Output Concept [FR], the Angers integrator of automatons for regulating and monitoring are working on two heritage conservation projects.

The projects, led by the town councils of Angers and Saumur were financed with budgets for community heritage. The I/O Concept integrator was selected for both projects for managing the regulatory aspect, which for each construction site, is part of a more global BMS project.

40 ambient sensors for monitoring the quality of indoor air  thus have been deployed within the archive rooms of the Angers museum of Fine Arts. 15 temperature and humidity transmitters have also been set up in the rooms of Château de Saumur.

In the 9 archive rooms of the Angers museum of Fine Arts, dozens of art works (sculptures, paintings, watercolor paintings …) are thus, secured, with an average of 3 Enless Wireless probes set up in each room and which have been in  service for a year now. Château de Saumur was equipped about six months ago.


What actions are to be undertaken in the event of anomalies?

Two levels of air treatment are integrated in the sites:

  • Air installations stabilise the primary air, at a global level, on each of the sites.
  • Self-contained air-conditioning units for treating secondary air, locally. This secondary air treatment allows for the correction of small anomalies such as door openings…

The installed Enless transmitters enable to detect possible dysfunctions on the installed air installations, by regularly measuring temperature and hygrometry data. The data transmitted by the sensors at regular intervals are recovered in Modbus communication directly on the regulating automatons, and can be viewed on the corresponding html pages. As soon as the fault thresholds are overstepped, a warning is listed on the automaton’s html page. After the data has been analysed, corrective actions can be put in place on the air installations and the self-contained air-conditioning units that are in place.

Examples of display of site energy data and alarm activation


What are the observed results?

Following the deployment of ambient air monitoring systems at the Château de Saumur site, energy savings of 40% have been registered.

“Since the bringing into service of Enless Wireless monitoring solutions, our teams have not had to step in on the concerned sites. We have been using Enless solutions for over three years now ; the scope and reliability of their products are of great interest to us. In the past we used solutions in 868 MHz, However, the products did not cover all our issues. Now with 169MHz communication the covered surfaces are truly impressive!” Says Input Output Concept manager, Wilfried Vitré.

I/O Concept intends to deploy similar projects, particularly in the French region of Poitiers (department archives), for social housing agencies.


About Input Output Concept:

Input Output Concept was created on April the 6th, 2010 by Mr Vitré Wilfried. The company, integrator of regulatory automatons, today counts 3 technicians who operate in western regions of France.

The activity of I/O Concept relates to the field of intelligent building (BMS/BAS) and remains focused on the regulatory aspect in environmental engineering (heating – air conditioning).

For more information visit >I/O Concept website [FR] <.

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