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Enless in Morocco with ABSIX.0 receives approval from the ANRT for its 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus smart metering transmitter

Confident in the dynamism of the growing Moroccan industrial IoT market, it is natural therefore that Absix.0, a technology transformation solutions integrator in Morocco, actively focused on innovation through digitalisation and interactive management of operations, with the goal of certification, has adopted Wireless M-Bus 169Mhz radio solutions, dedicated to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Absix.0 thus affirms its desire to become a privileged partner of Enless Wireless in the Moroccan market.

The first 2 Enless Wireless products have received this approval from the local ANRT organisation in charge of regulating the frequencies and radio installations authorised on the territory and to grant approval to the terminal equipment.  The National Telecommunications Regulation Agency is the government establishment responsible for regulations in the telecommunications sector.

Absix.0 thus has the desire to offer a reliable system with high quality, responsive support to its industrial customers wishing to perform smart, automated monitoring of their critical data for the purpose of assisting their performance.

Nor-Eddine Bourouayel, co-founder of Absix.0, who had discussions with different energy monitoring radio system suppliers before choosing Enless Wireless, recounts:

“It is quite logical that we chose Enless Wireless to be our exclusive supplier of energy efficiency monitoring radio systems. Contact with their team was great right from the start and we appreciate their responsiveness and the quality of their service. The 169 Mhz radio frequency seems optimal to us given the performances that provide a range of several kilometres.

We wish therefore, to become a privileged partner of Enless Wireless in the Moroccan market.”

A first project will begin as of the start of 2021 on behalf of a major industrial group based in Tangier.

This project, led by Absix.0, involves the implementation of a complete energy management system involving the remote reading of electricity, water and gas meters, as well as tank levels and temperature and relative humidity data coming from the existing process monitoring system. 

Using Wireless M-Bus 169 Mhz technology, Absix.0 will deploy 14 Enless Wireless Pulse transmitters for the remote reading of data from electricity meters present on the site as well as 30 additional ones for reading water meter data.

The data thus read at predefined frequencies, will be collected together and monitored using monitoring software deployed by Absix.0 that will provide alerts via the upstream definition of critical thresholds. Real time display of consumption and its distribution per work station/per sub-site, will provide a fine detailed, processed interpretation of the data.

Other projects are currently under discussion on Absix.0’s side, as they want to deploy the Enless Wireless solutions in residential, administration and farm buildings, in particular for irrigation projects.

Who is Absix.0?

Absix.0 is a recent Moroccan integration company with expertise in industrial engineering and new Industry 4.0 technologies, whose vocation is to provide added technical value and to assist industrial companies in their digital transformation for improving their operational performance.

Amongst its digital oriented missions, is the deployment of industrial IoT.

Using IoT, Absix.0 allows the industrial company to securely use the full potential of data that they are not even aware of by providing a complete integrated system (internally developed, data display/analysis hardware and cloud platform).

To be able to provide a suitable response adapted to their client’s needs and constraints, Absix.0 relies on diversified technological expertise due to its knowledge of LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Wireless M-Bus 169 Mhz networks and protocols.

Absix.0 has led several energy performance monitoring projects.

For more information, check out the Absix.0 website: .

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