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About LoRa(WAN) protocol

LoRaWAN, standing for Long Range Wide-Area Network, is a telecommunication protocol enabling low bit rate radio communications for low power devices using LoRa technology, developed in 2009.

The LoRa(WAN) protocol is particularly suited to applications where transmitting small amounts of data is required. This protocol is widely used in Smart Building or Smart City applications in order to process various information (temperature values, humidity, air quality, metering, etc.).

Enless offers a range of LoRa (WAN) sensors dedicated to building management applications (BMS).
Enless transmitters can be used in several distinct ways, in LoRaWAN mode or in proprietary LoRa mode (see below)

LoRa(WAN) Enless transmitters offer you several possibilities of use

In Enless Wireless proprietary LoRa mode

Enless sensors communicate by radio with an Enless receiver (Modbus or BACnet). A receiver can manage up to 50 Enless transmitters. The free-field radio distance between transmitters and receiver is about 4 km. The receiver is then connected to the PLC / BMS and restores the data from the Enless sensors. This mode of use allows any integrator an extremely simple processing of data from Enless sensors to a BMS.

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Public LoRaWAN mode

The transmitter data are sent to the LoRaWAN operator’s cloud. Each transmitter must be linked to a subscription with the operator in order to send its data to the cloud. The information from the sensors can then be processed by the IoT platforms which collect the raw data from the cloud for formatting.

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Private LoRaWAN mode

The transmitter data are sent to a LoRaWAN gateway (e.g.: Kerlink, Multitech, Cloudgate, Wattsense, or others). The LoRaWAN Gateway centralises the data from the sensors and provides the information on a server. N.B.: Enless Wireless does not market the LoRaWAN gateway.

LoRa / LoRaWAN range

The LoRa(WAN) Enless product range is differentiated by its flexibility, the transmitters can be used in LoRaWAN (public or private) but also in proprietary Enless LoRa. This last mode of use allows integrators to process data from Enless sensors and make it available to a PLC / BMS very simply thanks to our Modbus or BACnet receivers. LoRa(WAN) Enless sensors integrate high capacity batteries of type C or D guaranteeing very long lifespans.

  • Use in LoRaWAN mode (operated/private)
  • Use in Enless proprietary LoRa mode for simplified integration with BMS
  • Very long battery life


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