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About LoRa(WAN) protocol

LoRaWAN is the acronym for Long Range Wide-area Network, a radio protocol based on LoRa technology enabling the transmission of low-rate and low-power data. The significance of the LoRaWAN protocol lies in facilitating connected devices to send small amounts of data without excessive energy consumption. In simpler terms, a LoRaWAN sensor can transmit data over very long distances with excellent levels of autonomy.

Enless offers a complete range of LoRa(WAN) sensors specifically designed for Building Management Systems (BMS) applications. Enless LoRaWAN sensors provide various operating modes for any BMS integrator, whether in LoRaWAN standard mode or LoRa proprietary mode (see differences below).

LoRa(WAN) Enless transmitters offer you several possibilities of use

Public LoRaWAN mode

The transmitter data are sent to the LoRaWAN operator’s cloud. Each transmitter must be linked to a subscription with the operator in order to send its data to the cloud. The information from the sensors can then be processed by the IoT platforms which collect the raw data from the cloud for formatting.

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Private LoRaWAN mode

The transmitter data are sent to a LoRaWAN gateway (e.g.: Kerlink, Multitech, Cloudgate, Wattsense, or others). The LoRaWAN Gateway centralises the data from the sensors and provides the information on a server. N.B.: Enless Wireless does not market the LoRaWAN gateway.

Enless LoRa proprietary mode

Enless sensors communicate by radio with an Enless receiver (Modbus or BACnet). A receiver can manage up to 50 Enless transmitters. The free-field radio distance between transmitters and receiver is about 4 km. The receiver is then connected to the PLC / BMS and restores the data from the Enless sensors. This mode of use allows any integrator an extremely simple processing of data from Enless sensors to a BMS.

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Enless LoRa(WAN) product range

The Enless range of LoRa(WAN) products stands out for its flexibility, with sensors capable of operating in both LoRaWAN (public or private) and Enless proprietary LoRa modes. This latter mode allows integrators to process data from Enless sensors and easily make it available to a controller/BMS through our Modbus or BACnet receivers. Enless LoRa(WAN) sensors are equipped with high-capacity C or D type batteries, ensuring exceptionally long lifespans.


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