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Outfitting of 37 secondary schools in southern France


Secondary school « College de L’Estaque », in southern France

Assisted by a favorable legislative climate, more and more municipalities are outfitting their infrastructure with adapted monitoring solutions in order to monitor their energy consumption and the air quality inside the buildings.

This is the case of the Regional Council of Bouches-du-Rhône in southern France, which recently outfitted 37 of its secondary schools with 10 to 12 Enless Wireless ambient temperature sensors per establishment, as well as 3 to 4 remote reading gas and water meter pulse transmitters and several temperature sensors with external contact probes on the hot water networks, all of which use the Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz protocol.

The company HM Systèmes, a subcontractor of the expert energy company Idex, was in charge of installing these solutions in the establishments. Henri Marconcini, the manager of the integrating company, shared with us his impressions and expressed his satisfaction: “The transmission and reception quality of the Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz products is impressive! Historically, we integrated competitive 868 MHz solutions. Since we made the switch, we only install a few repeaters, if any, which saves us time and saves our clients money. Enless Wireless sensors are easy to set up via the FCT software and the exportable Modbus table is ideal for configuration.”

The user can then view and analyze the data using Lacroix Sofrel’s PCWin monitoring software.

Visualising data on Lacroix Sofrel’s PCWin monitoring software

The company HM Systèmes has also entrusted us with installing Enless sensors on municipal buildings in the French town of Vitrolles.

Find more information on Enless Wireless’ Wireless-M-Bus 169 MHz product range: .

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