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Analog sensor – 0-5 V interface Wireless M-Bus

Reference : TX 0-5 V 400-009

Transmetteur Analogique – Interface 0-5V
  • 0-5 V input – terminal block – for all types of industrial applications
  • Very long radio range
  • Rugged IP 65 enclosure
  • Up to 15 years autonomy
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Easy to deploy

Applications of the transmitter

This 0-5 V analogue radio transmitter is specifically designed for industrial applications (construction industry – water management – rail industry, etc.).
Self-powered, it connects to all types of analogue probes with 0-5 V interface and to reassemble the signal. The data is transmitted from the transmitter to the Modbus receiver, usually connected to a gateway. The periodicity of sending data is configurable.

This transmitter can meet all types of applications including pressure, flow, fluid levels (water, fuel oil, gas, etc.) / gauges (ultrasonic probes), etc.

The robustness of our transmitter – IP 65 enclosure – and its high environmental tolerance (-20°C / +55°C) allow it to withstand any type of environment.

This wireless product communicating on frequency band 169MHz is perfectly suited for monitoring applications on industrial sites where radio coverage needs require several kilometres.

This product is also available in versions 0-10 V and 4/20 mA.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
Interface: 0-5 V (Terminal block)
Transmitter working temperature: - 20°C / + 55°C
Enclosure and IP rating: ABS IP 65
Power supply: Replaceable D 3.6 V Lithium battery - Low battery alert
Battery autonomy / Periodicity: 5 years battery life with 5mn periodicity / Configurable periodicity from 1 to 250 mn
Configuration / Installation: Radio - Field Configuration Tool (F.C.T. software)
LEDs: 3 LEDs
Certification: CE

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