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Modbus receiver – RS485 interface

Reference : RX MODBUS MULTI RS485 500-022

Récepteur Modbus – Interface RS485
  • RS485 interface Modbus RTU : allows multiple receivers on the same RS485 bus
  • Can handle up to 32 transmitters
  • Compatible with Modbus PLCs
  • Power supply 7.5 – 24 V
  • Quick and easy to install

Applications of the Modbus receiver

This Enless Wireless receiver is compatible with Modbus PLCs with an RS485 Modbus interface.

The Modbus receiver can handle up to 32 transmitters.

The transmitter information is stored in the receiver Modbus table. The PLC can then read the registers of the receiver to retrieve the data.

The receiver is powered externally (power directly via the PLC or via a power supply).


This receiver is also available in RS232.

Technical Specifications

Interfaces: RS485 2 wires / Multiple receivers on 1 RS485 bus
Dimensions: L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
Enclosure and IP rating: ABS IP 60
RSSI signal: Accessible via Field Configuration Tool (F.C.T. software)
Power supply: Main 7.5 up to 24 V DC or external 12 V power supply
LEDs: 5 LEDs and 1 external power LED
Certification: CE

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