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Pulse Meter sensor Wireless M-Bus

Reference : TX PULSE 400-005

Transmetteur pour Compteur d’Impulsions (Pulse)
  • 2 pulse inputs for any type of data collection (water, electricity, etc.)
  • Very long radio range
  • Rugged IP 65 enclosure for cabinet installations…
  • Up to 15 years autonomy
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Easy to deploy

Applications of the transmitter

This smart metering pulse transmitter is compatible with pulse meters with a dry contact interface.

This radio transmitter allows the remote reading of the data from the meter to which it is connected without any manual intervention. Accurate and reliable data is transmitted from the transmitter to the Modbus receiver, which is usually connected to a gateway. The periodicity of sending data is configurable.

In other words, this transmitter will quickly and economically transform your conventional gas meter into a smart meter.

Continuous monitoring of your electricity and water consumption thanks to our Pulse meter transmitter will allow you to :

  • drive your energy (water, electricity…) consumption
  • monitor your equipment and detect leaks or electrical breakdowns
  • prevent over-consumption

Optimising management of your consumption will allow you to achieve significant cost savings regardless of the size of your company and sector of activity.

This product incorporates high-performance D-type battery and gives the Enless transmitter a very high autonomy of up to 15 years.

This reference is also available in an ATEX approved version (certified for Explosive Atmospheres) for your automatic gas meter readings.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
Compatibility: Pulse meters
Interfaces: Dry-contact/open collector
Inputs: 2 inputs
Battery autonomy / Periodicity: 5 years battery life with 5mn periodicity / Configurable periodicity from 1 to 250 mn
Enclosure and IP rating: ABS IP 65
Power supply: Replaceable D 3.6 V Lithium battery - Low battery alert
Configuration / Installation: Radio - Field Configuration Tool (F.C.T. software)
Pulse type: 50 ms minimum pulse width - Max 10 Hz
LEDs: 3 LEDs
Certification: CE

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