Signal repeater LoRa

logo LoRaRX REPEATER 600-301



✅ Can be used in LoRa Enless proprietary mode only
✅ Improves reception quality
✅ High radio power
✅ No limit on the number of transmitters repeated
✅ No configuration required
✅ Power supply 7.5 – 24 V
✅ Quick and easy to install



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Reference of the Signal repeater LoRa




Applications of the repeater LoRa


Thanks to its high radio power, the LoRa signal repeater enables the signal level of the transmitters to be improved in the event of poor reception, without the need for prior configuration.

This repeater has no limit on the number of transmitters to repeat. 

This product can be used in LoRa Enless proprietary mode only.

It is powered externally (7.5 to 24 VDC).

It is particularly suitable for buildings, subterranean offices or high-profile sites.


Technical Specifications


Communication mode compatibilityLoRa Enless proprietary mode
DimensionsL 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
Enclosure and IP ratingABS IP 60
Radio antennaProvided with antenna
Output power25 mW (14 dBm)
RSSI signalAccessible via embedded web server
Power supplyMain 7.5 up to 24 VDC or external 12 VDC power supply
LEDs5 LEDs and 1 external power LED


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