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A look back on 2021… On the way to 2022!


A big thank you!

« First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued trust and loyalty through last year as we all worked hard to get back to normal. 2021 was a year of exciting projects for our French and international customers with plenty of signs of an encouraging recovery.

Working with you we were able to supply 50,000 Enless Wireless sensors, including 15,000 LoRa(WAN) sensors, in France and in the wider European market. Comfort and indoor air quality applications took the lead here, driven by the demands of the pandemic and the latest environmental, energy and regulatory standards which are being applied by many operators in the building management sector.

Our focus has remained on working to find solutions to issues thrown up during what was once again a very special year, in terms of managing our supply chains, the directions for our investments and our technological innovations to ensure we continue to satisfy the expectations of our customers and meet the new challenges facing us.

Another feature of last year was the marketing of our LoRa receivers and their innovative and differentiated positioning for the BACnet protocol to complement our Modbus receiver and the option of configuration using an IP server, the reference protocol for industrial and automated building applications.

Enless has also seen internal growth with the arrival of 3 new members to further reinforce our existing sales and marketing teams. Following these investments, we achieved a significant +35% increase in our sales over the previous year, well ahead of our targets. »


Our ambition for 2022


« In 2022, we will continue growing our business by developing innovative solutions, and in particular those relating to the monitoring of indoor air quality, combined with the energy efficiency of buildings and the health and safety of their occupants.

One of the key challenges for the coming year will be securing our supply chains and we will be committing all the necessary energy to achieving this.

We will be working to nurture our existing business and further build on our international dynamic through the consolidation of our partner network in our European markets – markets that are seeing significant growth in demand for our LoRa solutions.

-Bruno Petit, CEO Enless Wireless


With the best wishes from the team at Enless Wireless for 2022 to be a year of good health, as well as full of achievements in terms of both personal and professional successes! We are looking forward to a year of innovation and intelligent projects. One in which we want to be working with you as we write this new chapter in our history!



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