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Néol – Enless : energy optimisation of social housing and industrial processes



A ten-years collaboration

For the past ten years or so, Enless Wireless has been working with Néol, an integrator of smart building energy monitoring solutions in the Lyon – Grenoble French region. Neol centers on the sales and installation of energy monitoring systems, remote management and BMS systems that integrate data monitoring and analysis. Social housing agencies represent a large part of Neol’s clients. The company also collaborates with the Société Dauphinoise pour l’Habitat in Isère (France) and the Immobilière Rhône Alpes in Lyon (France).

The collaboration between the two players has been illustrated in this sector through several projects for monitoring consumption in social housing by taking energy and water meters and monitoring boiler room functioning. (Taking domestic hot water distribution temperatures and closing off networks temperatures to prevent legionnaire’s disease).

For these projects, measurements are often carried out at a rate of one data transmission per hour, thus enabling a continuous audit of the sites.

The installations integrating several
Enless Wireless temperature transmitters with contact probes as well as Enless pulse transmitters have been deployed based on the sites in Wireless M-Bus private radio communication mode connected with an automaton or in Sigfox  public network mode.

Examples of industrial water drawing equipment (g.) and gas meters (d.) in Enless Wireless transmitters

Enless Wireless temperature sensor with contact probe and Pulse transmitter

« I appreciate the robust quality of Enless transmitters. We have faith in these products. We have observed only very few to no failures, this had helped us to save on travel costs for our teams. Furthermore, Enless pulse transmitters are in my opinion the simplest products on the market to implement. The Enless team is very responsive in terms of delivery and has a really good rapport » says Pascal Euvrard, manager of NéOL.

The collaboration between Néol and Enless Wireless reveals another developing sector : industry. Thus, a few months ago, the two players combined efforts to set up a solution for measuring water and gas consumption used as part of the industrial process of a company specialised in fabric dyeing. Dyeing on fabric requires the use of large amounts of energy to heat the dye baths. In our case, this heating is carried out via a gas boiler system. The heat energy recovered from the process is also monitored.

A dozen Enless Wireless Pulse and Pulse Atex transmitters have been set up to ensure the global energy monitoring of the relevant site.

Since their installation, we have noticed significant energy savings thanks to the automatic alarm devices which signal excessive or insufficient consumption.


How is the data from the transmitters used for carrying out the energy diagnostic?

Measuring energy consumption and temperatures is the first fundamental step of energy saving. The Néol platform paired with Enless Wireless sensors allow to detect anomalies and issue warnings especially in the event of overly high consumptions.

Néol is developing a customisable telemonitoring platform catering for the needs of all types of sectors. In case of consumption excesses, it warns the operator, the company that is making repairs or even the end customer. As it is custom-made, it also issues annual or monthly reports based on its clients’ needs. Client accounts can be configurable to be made accessible.



Example of an energy consumption data display from a site monitored via the Néol plateform.
Example of an overall display of the sites supervised by Néol.


About Néol:

Néol is an integrator based in the Lyon and Grenoble region and is active in the field of sales and installation of energy monitoring systems, remote management and building management systems. Since March 2019, it has been part of the AER group, which has about twenty employees.

The AER group is composed of three structures dedicated to energy efficiency:

AER, regulation specialist in environmental engineering, automation, supervision, electrical installation (boiler rooms, heating networks, Centralized Technical Management)

France Equilibrage, works on hydraulic and aeraulic balancing of networks (heating, air conditioning)

NEOL, offers energy monitoring solutions for collective, tertiary and industrial housing

Néol also works as a subcontractor for certain projects managed by heating operators such as Engie Cofely, Idex, Veolia, Dalkia and more…

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