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LoRa(WAN) Leak Detection Sensor – 2m Cable

Reference : TX CONTACT 600-039 + LEAK CABLE

  • Water presence detection (floors, pipes...)
  • Immediate alarm notification in case of water presence
  • Resistant IP 65 hardened casing
  • Up to 15 years of autonomy
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Quick and easy installation

Sensor Applications

The LoRa(WAN) water leak detection sensor is a combination of an ON/OFF state reporting transmitter and a leak detection probe.

Supplied with a 2m cable, the leak detection sensor allows you to generate an alert when a liquid comes into contact with the cable, indicating a potential leak.

Below are the applications covered by the sensor:

  • Tertiary buildings Detect leaks near plumbing that could damage lower floors.
  • HVAC systems Early alert in case of leaks from HVAC pipes, drip trays, and other fittings.
  • Data centers / server rooms Detect leaks under raised floors.
  • Roofs and basements Early alert in case of unnoticed leaks.
  • Water-cooled equipment Detection of leaks that could lead to costly downtime.

The LoRa leak detection sensor will alert you in real time in the presence of water. Equipped with a type D battery, the sensor’s lifespan can reach 15 years.

This product can be used in Enless proprietary LoRa mode or LoRaWAN mode. Learn more.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
Interfaces: NO input - state change
Probe: Leak detection cable - 2m
Casing protection index: Material: ABS IP 65
Autonomy: Over 10 years for a transmission every 5 minutes
Power supply: Lithium D 3.6 V battery - Interchangeable battery - Low battery level alert
Periodicity: > 15 minutes by default > Configurable from the receiver's IP server in LoRa mode and via Downlink in LoRaWAN mode
Configuration / Installation: By radio
Diagnostic indicators: 3 indicators
Certification: CE

Easily process leak sensor data on your BMS using our Modbus or BACnet receivers.

Our proprietary LoRa receivers natively decode data from our LoRa sensors, saving you valuable integration time if you intend to process the data on an PLC or a BMS. Available in Modbus or BACnet versions, the receivers will convert Enless sensor data into Modbus tables or BACnet objects.

Access proprietary LoRa receivers.

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